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Accessibility and Information Resources

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Accessibility Technology Initiative at SDSU

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) provides that no qualified individual with a disability be denied access to or participation in services, programs, and activities at San Diego State University. This act applies to virtually all aspects of campus activities, including employment, student programming, and services provided to the campus community. As part of the university’s campus-wide ADA compliance program, this Web page has been developed to link you with the many ADA and disability-related resources on campus.

It is the policy of the California State University to make information technology resources and services accessible to all CSU students, faculty, staff, and the general public regardless of disability status. CSU Executive Order 926, which went into effect on January 1, 2005, establishes the policy, specifies campus responsibilities, and offers supplemental guidance to ensure that the proper and integrated actions of each campus are effectively mobilized to comply with the policy and law.

FY 16/17 Web Accessibility Deadlines
July 15 at 12 Midnight

We will be running the campus Web accessibility scans on July 15 at 12 midnight. Please do not run or schedule any scans after this date, to allow us to complete the campus audit. We will use the same standard as last year — Level 1 with no color contrast.

Please review the SDSU Web Accessibility Baseline file for your area. Let us know any changes to your scan list; i.e. new scans, URL changes, and old sites that have been taken down.

August 1 to September 30

Site owners with less than 100‰ passing scores must complete an online ATI Web Roadmap form to document the plan to fix errors and identify equally effective alternative access. If you’ve made repairs and have run a scan since the July 15 audit, you will be able to indicate in the roadmap that your site(s) are now passing. You’ll also be able to indicate false errors, causing your site(s) to fail.

October 1 to November 1

Each college or division will receive their compiled roadmap entries and an exemption form as part of the e-signature routing process. The form must be signed by a dean or director and counter-signed by a vice president for your area. All exemption forms will be filed once approved by the SDSU ATI Sponsor.

Upcoming Meetings
July 12, 2016

Rick Normholm (Sr. Director for ETS) and Riny Ledgerwood will present an update on the BFA Web and SharePoint Projects and lead the discussion on a Campus Plan for the OU CMS roll-out. They will discuss the estimated timeline, training plan, account provisioning, template samples and technical support. Steve Ham (Chief Marketing Officer for College of Business) will also join them to present his roll out plan and share the templates for the College of Business that can be used by other colleges.

Future topics will include a discussion on a shared governance for OU Campus implementation at SDSU. Let us know if you have any questions.

Compliance Sheriff Training / Support

If you need additional training, please contact Chris Friedl at 619-594-4275 or Helen Craig at 619-594-3605.


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For more information contact:

To stay informed about ongoing SDSU Web Accessibility issues in addition to the Accessibility Technology Initiative on our campus, you should join the SDSU Web Developers Google group. or contact hcraig@mail.sdsu.edu, to sign up.

Accessible Technology Initiative
Division of Business and Financial Affairs
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-1620

Chris Xanthos
Executive Sponsor
Phone: 619-594-6018
E-mail: cxanthos@mail.sdsu.edu

Kent McKelvey
Executive Sponsor Designee
Phone: 619-594-3245
E-mail: kent@mail.sdsu.edu

Riny Ledgerwood
ATI Program Manager
Phone: 619-594-4952
E-mail: rledgerw@mail.sdsu.edu


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